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TransGO 4R100-HD2 Tugger

TransGO 4R100-HD2 Tugger

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Prevents downhill clutch burnup!

Doubles low clutch holding pressure in manual first gear for downhill compression braking

  • Handles exhaust brake
  • Adjust shift firmness
  • Better cooling/lubrication and converter feed/capacity using included optional internal upgrades
  • Codes 628, P1740, P1744
  • Soft shifts
  • 2nd and 3rd burn-up
  • Converter burn-up
  • Reverse delay
  • No reverse hot
  • Converter slide/shudder
  • Pump buzz
Also Includes:
  • Pressure regulator boost valve
  • 1-2 shift valve spring
  • Line regulator valve
  • Innovative line-to-lube components
  • High temp direct clutch seal
  • Coast clutch HD snap ring
  • OD housing spiral lock snap ring
  • Updated direct clutch outer seal
  • Calibration plate for firmness adjustments
  • Quick-fill valve
  • L/R mod boost valve
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