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Collection: Goerend Transmission Inc


"My father started this business in 1947. From then until 1978 we worked on anything that would fit through the front door and several in the driveway that wouldn't. Back then we did everything, from overhauling a carburator on an 8N Ford Tractor, to rebuilding an injection pump on a GM diesel. When my brother and I bought the business from Dad in 1978, we started specializing in automatic transmissions, torque converters, electronic fuel injection and chassis dynomometer testing. 

We have now been in the automotive industry for over 70 years, and have focused on diesel trucks and converters for the past 40 years. We value quality over quantity, which is why we have invested in several in-house specialty tools and equipment that allow us to manufacture and test our products beyond what our competition can do. Because of our expertise in these areas, along with top of the line equipment, we have become a top producer of quality components for diesel trucks.

We design, manufacture, and build our converters as well as many of the internal converter components and automatic transmission parts in-house from start to finish. This ensures that our dimensions are correct will work with your transmission. When you call us you are talking directly to the manufacturer, therefore, we are able to answer all of your questions quickly and accuratly. Our knowledge and equipment and patented converter components allow us to build your converter to match your needs - no matter if you use it as a daily driver - or a dedicated race truck. 

Our workmanship, attention to detail, extensive equipment knowledge and work ethic has assured our customers that they are receiving the highest caliber of service there is."

14 products
  • Goerend 47/48RE Triple Disc Torque Converter
  • Goerend High Pressure Valve Body
  • Goerend 47/48RE Transmission Pan
  • Goerend 47/48RE Billet Input Shafts
  • Goerend 47/48RE Billet Flexplate
  • Goerend 48RE GT3 High Horsepower Master Rebuild Kit (2004-2007.5)
  • Goerend 48RE GT2 Master Rebuild Kit (2004-2007.5)
  • Goerend 47RE GT1 Basic Rebuild Kit (1996-2002)
  • Goerend 47RE GT2 Master Rebuild Kit (1996-2002)
  • Goerend 47/48RE OD Extension Housing Repair Shim
  • Goerend Heavy Duty Belleville Spring Kit
  • Goerend 47/48RE Triple Disc Converter DA STALL
  • Goerend 47/48RE Triple Disc Torque Converter DA STALL
  • Goerend 48RE GT1 Basic Rebuild Kit (2004-2007.5)

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