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Collection: TCS Products

53 products
  • TCS A518, A618, 47RE, 48RE Combo Kit
  • TCS A518, A618, 47RE, 48RE Raybestos High Energy Band
  • TCS 48RE Transmission Rebuild Kit 2003-ON GPZ & Billet Piston Product #: 149320R
  • TCS A518, A618, 47RE, 48RE Input Shaft & Hub
  • TCS 6R140 2011-2014 Performance Rebuild Kit w/GPZ Frictions Product #: 6R141GPZ
  • TCS 5R110W Transmission Rebuild Kit 2005-ON w/Raybestos GPZ Plates Product #: 499160R
  • TCS 48RE Billet Forward Clutch Piston .850" Tall Product #: 123850
  • TCS 47RE 48RE TF727 Rear Clutch Retainer Product #: 123901S
  • TCS 6R140 Output Shaft Nut Remover
  • TCS BorgWarner Dodge 46re 47re 48re HD Governor Pressure Solenoid
  • TCS Allison 1000 Transmission O/H Kit 2001-05 w/Raybestos GPZ Plates Product #: 539000PR
  • TCS ATSG TF727 A904 Transmission Technical Manual Product #: TF
  • TCS ATSG 68RFE Tech Manual Product #: 68RFE
  • TCS ATSG 46/47/48RE Tech Manual Product #: 48RE
  • TCS 4L80 Steel Clutch Hub Product #: 228300B
  • TCS 4L80E Input Shaft 300M Product #: 279600

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