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Sonnax Input Shaft Kit, Big Chrysler 47RH - 48RE

Sonnax Input Shaft Kit, Big Chrysler 47RH - 48RE

SKU: D121-104 SONNAX 22121B-08K

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The Sonnax Smart-Tech big input shaft kit is the ultimate solution to prevent input shaft spline-twist and breakage in high torque Chrysler 47RH, 47RE and 48RE diesel applications. The kit is paired with the Goerend 47/48RE Extreme Duty Triple Disc Torque Converter, which features a matching 35 spline hub to fit with the Sonnax shaft kit. Compared to the best 300M 23-spline shafts, the Sonnax input shaft is 35% stronger at both the spline portion of the shaft and the sealing ring/cross-hole area of the shaft. The larger sealing ring and cross-hole area requires a custom stator/pump cover assembly. The custom stator assembly features standard 48RE tube splines made of high-strength steel, improved retention in stator body, 48RE matched pump porting and special rubber seals to eliminate oil leakage between cover and pump body. This shaft comes with Goerend lube modifications.

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