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Sonnax Input Shaft, Heavy-Duty Chrysler 47RH - 48RE

Sonnax Input Shaft, Heavy-Duty Chrysler 47RH - 48RE

SKU: D121-104 SONNAX 22121B-01

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The Sonnax Heavy-Duty Input Shaft comes with durability and performance features which are second to none.

Instead of the OE two-piece shaft/hub design, the Sonnax shaft uses a much stronger, one-piece design that combines the input shaft and forward clutch hub, eliminating the weak connection between the two. The Sonnax shaft itself is custom forged from ultra high-strength 300M billet steel to allow the internal grain structure of the steel to follow the general shape of the part, improving shaft strength. It remains one of the most popular upgrades for hardworking Dodge trucks.

  • One-piece design eliminates weak connection between input shaft and forward clutch hub
  • Custom forged from ultra-high-strength 300M steel
  • 23-Tooth input spline, 62-tooth clutch spline
  • Shaft can be used with OE seals
  • Goerend lube modifications.
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