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S&S SSFueled Regulated Filter Head FDS-RFH-ASM

S&S SSFueled Regulated Filter Head FDS-RFH-ASM


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  • Hard Coat Anodized for Durability
  • Tested to 3,000 Liters Per Hour
  • Weight – 752 g
  • Aluminum and Steel Construction
  • Built in Pressure Regulator

The Regulated Filter Head is a compact unit that features a built-in pressure regulator, stock Cummins mounting flange, filter in and out pressure ports, and a fuel distribution block. The filter head design keeps durability in mind with multiple key features: steel insert for filter threads, hard coat anodizing to prevent oxidation and wear in the regulator, and a billet 6061 aluminum body. The Filter Head is designed to pair with the S&S Diesel Motorsport SP3000 Supply Pump for anything from 200 horsepower to more than 3000 horsepower. Multiple springs are supplied to be able to use the filter head for a variety of applications. The regulator port can simply be blocked off if only filtration is needed.

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