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S&S SSFueled Fuel Supply Pump FDS-SP3000

S&S SSFueled Fuel Supply Pump FDS-SP3000


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**Pumps being upgraded to the SP3000 must be sent in to S&S for calibration**

 Flow Rate - 3,000 liters per hour

 Max Pressure - 400 psi

 Volume - 13,000 mm3/rotation

 Weight - 1,271 g

 Aluminum and Steel Construction

 Inlet Fitting Sized For Initial Flow Control

The S&S SP300 CP3 Supply Pump is a single bolt on solution that replaces the small factory supply pump and will flow up to 3,000 l/hr at pressure which can support up to four CP3 1850 (14mm) high pressure pumps.

Download SP3000 Supply Pump Data Sheet


*CP3 Not Included

**Image is the old design, new design coming early 2023

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