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RevMax Dodge AS69RC 3500 4500 5500 Signature Rebuilt Transmission With Torque Converter 2013-2021

RevMax Dodge AS69RC 3500 4500 5500 Signature Rebuilt Transmission With Torque Converter 2013-2021

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Revmax brings you our newest Signature Series Transmission. The Revmax AS69RC Signature Series transmission. These units are built to the most stringent tolerances by one expert technician from beginning to end, and each unit is signed by the technician when finished.

The AS69RC is a nightmare of a transmission. It was build with extremely low quality internal parts and its capacity to handle increased power in stock form is extremely low. The Revmax Signature Series AS69RC has been redesigned from the torque converter to the output shaft and most of the internals have simply been thrown away. The K2 and K3 clutch drums have been redesigned and now feature billet replacements each with nearly 50% more clutch surface area while retaining nearly factory thickness in both steel and frictions. The new drums not only hold additional clutches but they also fix the ring grooving issues that the AS69RC is notorious for due to the cheap metal the factory made the drums out of. The K2 clutch hub is also notorious for being extremely soft and thus prematurely wearing out due to the clutch teeth eating into the hub. Our hub is thicker, and made of superior materials and is no longer susceptible to these wear issues.

This unit is now capable of holding in excess of 800HP with the enhancements we have made.Even with the amazing progress we have made with these units there is still something we cannot fix as it is out of our hands, transmission tuning. We like to explain it like this: Go out and buy the best computer hardware money can buy and install Windows 95 on it and see how it will run? The transmission clutch application of this unit starts at a measly 25psi this requires extensive defueling on the shifts to insure that the clutch does not become overloaded on the hand-off. Unfortunately, there is not transmission tuning available and we have not heard of any forthcoming or even being developed. Therefore, it is imperative that whomever is tuning your truck must keep the full factory defuel / torque management in place.

We don’t just say we have pride in our transmission, we literally put our name on it.  This transmission features the following:

Disasembly Process and Cleaning

  • Complete disassembly of the entire transmission, all wearable “soft parts” are discarded.
  • Casing and housings are washed in our 190 degree hot wash tank.
  • Hard parts are thoroughly inspected and then either discarded or hand washed
  • Casing is thoroughly checked for any cracks or damage

Upgraded Internals Components

  • Stage 5 Billet 6 Clutch AS69RC Torque Converter (factory is 3 stamped steel)
  • Revmax K2 Billet 4140 Steel Clutch Hub
  • Revmax Billet 4140 Steel K3 Drum featuring 8 clutches (factory is 5)
  • Revmax Billet K3 Apply Piston
  • B1 / 2nd, 6th, 5 Revmax G3 6 Clutches and 5 steels
  • K1 / 1,2,3,4 High Energy Frictions
  • Transmission is fully tested for hydraulic and performance integrity
  • 2 year unlimited mileage warranty (50k miles for commercial applications)
Weight 450 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 24 × 24 in


Compatible Car Models

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Compatible Year

, , , , , , , , , 2020, 2021


Core Charge

Transmission Type


2 Wheel Drive, 4 Wheel Drive

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