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RevMax 68RFE Billet Steel Center Support and 4th Clutch Housing *Patent Pending*

RevMax 68RFE Billet Steel Center Support and 4th Clutch Housing *Patent Pending*

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68RFE Billet Steel Center Support and 4th Clutch Housing *Patent Pending*

The 68RFE stock center support has numerous flaws that become problematic in both stock and modified trucks. The stock housing is made of very soft cast aluminum. The soft casting allows for the steel clutch plates to dig into the side of the casting thus causing clutch release issues, rattling and eventual total failure of the 4th clutch and the housing. Please see the picture of the destruction that happens from these two issues in the OEM assembly.

The second issue the stock housing suffers from is the 4th clutch snap ring blowing out of its groove and destroying the housing. Our competitors sell a cheap aluminum snap ring retainer that does nothing other than look pretty. The snap ring will blow out of the groove just as easily as the stock non retained ring will.

Revmax is pleased to announce the release of our 1045 Billet STEEL 68RFE Center Support and 4th clutch Housing. Due to its medium hardness steel construction it will not allow the steel plates to groove into it. It also features thicker 4C snap ring groove that due to its solid billet construction will not blow out under any condition. Additionally, our center support has a tighter fit into the case grooves and between the center support and case. This reduces flex and strengthens the entire internal assembly.

In addition to solving material and rigidity issues, our support also increases clutch surface area by 50%. Our support features 5 clutches vs the factory 3. The 4C piston is made of 6061 billet aluminum and features a solid face apply area compared the factory bonded piston with a razor thin apply face. The support will also retrofit into any 68RFE and work with stock pistons and clutches if you prefer. The support comes complete with the billet piston, custom pressure plate and 5 GPZ clutches and steels. *center support kit does not include billet 2c apply piston, as this is part of our performance rebuild kit*

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