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RevMax 47RH, 47RE, 48RE 300M BILLET Forged 35 Spline Input Shaft Kit

RevMax 47RH, 47RE, 48RE 300M BILLET Forged 35 Spline Input Shaft Kit

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47RH, 47RE, 48RE 300M BILLET Forged 35 Spline Input Shaft Kit

Now that you have rebuilt your 47-48RE 2-3 times from repeated friction failure. Your transmission mechanic has finally figured out the correct combination of valve body calibration, internal parts and the 3-disc converter to keep your “high torque burning diesel” alive, or so you thought. The question now becomes are you ready for what “the next” failure is? What do we mean by “the next failure” is. The slipping friction elements (clutches and band) have been the safety fuse for your transmission. When the torque load goes over the limit a clutch or band would fail-it blows a fuse (input shaft), Oh shoot, another rebuild, #3 in the last two years.

This is a common scenario that many Dodge owners face. RevMax has the solution for the “what’s next failure”, the 478-512 35 spline billet input shaft kit. Once all the slippage of the transmission has been resolved and you are on the fuel and the transmission makes a hard throttle upshift or a forced throttle down shift with the torque converter applied the input shaft will snap or, unravel like a piece of liquorish. Do a google search and see for yourself.       

The new RevMax input shaft compared to the best 300M 23-spline shafts is 37% stronger at both ends of the shaft eliminating failure of the shaft. A consequence of us making a larger diameter shaft we had to re-create the pump stator support and the turbine drive hub within the torque converter as well. The stator support is included and the 35 spline turbine hub is available separately (part# 478-428)

What’s included:

  • Billet Forged 35 Spline 1 piece shaft and forward hub assembly with the largest cross section available (forward hub is designed to accept an extra direct clutch).
  • Heat treated and ground Pump Stator support-has an extra robust flange to reduce flange distortion and loss of pump volume output and drain back. 
  • Unlike other designs the Revmax stator eliminates seals between the stator and body which can deform. Secondly, the stator cannot be resurfaced with these seals and stator resurfacing is a mandatory item in all rebuilds.
  • Custom sized sealing rings
  • High load bronze support bushing pressed into the support
  • All circuit crossed drilled holes are threaded and plugged which eliminates leaking at the checkball location. 
  • A 35 Spline torque converter is needed to run this shaft/stator combo.
  • The Revmax stator or 35 spline input shaft can be used to replace a Sonnax 35 spline shaft or stator without any changes needed.
  • We recommend upgrading your forward piston to a billet version (478-961 .785” tall) or (478-961A .850” tall)
  • A billet direct piston is also recommended and is available under part # 478-925
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