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RevMax 12xR Billet Drum and Transmission Pro Upgrade Kit 2007.5-2021

RevMax 12xR Billet Drum and Transmission Pro Upgrade Kit 2007.5-2021


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For those of you wanting the absolute most you can get out of a 68RFE build, this kit is for you! This kit has been tested at up to 1200HP by us, FirePunk, Randy’s Transmission, Coffman Customs and various other builders and has lived where all other setups have failed This is a great unit for the ultimate in heavily modified trucks. We recommend this unit for only those who plan to use this on the drag strip, sled pull or dyno. This unit is NOT recommended for daily driving or work applications. This is a racing unit, plain and simple! It will shift firm, it will lockup firm and it is not the unit you want to drive around on a Sunday afternoon cruise. This is also the highest HP rated unit we have every offered at 1200HP. This is the same unit we use in our UCC competition truck which makes over 1500HP. If you have followed UCC you will also remember that we made it thru an entire race weekend of sled pulling, dyno and 10 passes down the track back to back while still driving it to and from the event. There has never been a 68RFE as strong or capable as this unit.

This is not just a little upgrade kit, rather, this is a re-engineering and replacement of nearly half of the 68RFE. This kit allows for up to 20 frictions in the OD clutch while retaining 10 in the UD clutch. There are multiple setups for this drum that your builder can choose. We, however, only recommend running 18 or 20 single sided OD clutches. 18 clutches can be installed by installing a factory OD/Rev pressure plate while the 20 clutch option requires the included Billet OD/Rev pressure plate. Clutches are NOT included in this kit due to the multiple options available to your builder and their preference on setup.

You cannot purchase a kit or transmission that can hold what this kit can. This kit is only designed to be installed by a expert level 68RFE builder. If you have not built MANY 68RFE’s with previous success, we do not recommend you attempt to install this setup.

We recommend upgrading your input shaft to out direct oiling 300 Maraging Shaft to keep the OD clutches cool! Additionally, we highly recommend using our 68RFE Pro Mod Low Reverse Roller Clutch.

This kit contains the following items:

  • Billet Input Clutch Hub w\ Hardened Internal Splines
  • Billet STEEL 12XR Inner Drum
  • Billet 12xR Outer Drum, Mil-Spec Hard Anodized
  • Billet RevMax 300M Extra Tall Overdrive Clutch Hub
  • Billet UD/OD Pressure Plate
  • Billet OD/Reverse Pressure Plate
  • Custom Snap Rings
  • Billet 12xR ZeroFlex Center Support w\ 5 clutch 4C setup
  • Billet 4C Apply Piston
  • Billet 2C Apply Piston
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