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Pusher 3.5" MEGA Intake System with Cross-Air 1998.5-2002 Dodge Cummins

Pusher 3.5" MEGA Intake System with Cross-Air 1998.5-2002 Dodge Cummins


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The ultimate bolt on combination to address the air delivery short comings to the Cummins 24v cylinder head in 1998.5-2002 Dodge Ram trucks.

The Pusher 3.5" Mega Intake System with Cross-Air replaces all of your 3” factory post intercooler plumbing and intake manifold with 3.5” mandrel bent tubing, heavy duty 4-ply silicone couplers and stainless T-bolt clamps. So why the extra .5”?
The Cross-Air taps into an existing port at the front and rear of the cylinder head that are normally sealed off with a freeze plug style fittings from the factory. By splitting off the driver-side charge tube and creating two additional parallel paths to those ports, cylinders 1, 5, and 6 can be better supplied with air. This helps balance the engine temperatures and load at each cylinder greatly. This entire package is fully TIG welded mandrel bent tubing, with a laser cut 1/2" flange and 1/4" dipstick mount. The intake manifold is standard equipped with four 1/8 inch NPT ports on the back for methanol/water injection, a boost gauge, etc. This is a complete kit that includes instructions, machined cylinder head adapters, heavy duty 4-ply silicone couplers, stainless T-bolt clamps, an OEM gasket and hardware, and 1/8 inch port plugs for a quality install. For an additional charge, select powdercoating colors are available.This kit is not compatible with the APPS mounted in the stock location on 2003-2005 trucks. You must relocate or purchase the Pusher APPS relocation bracket to use the Cross-Air on trucks equipped with a APPS.

This system provides the most airflow possible to the factory Cummins head. Constructed of 3.5" mandrel bent tubing, laser cut 1/2" flange and 1/4" thick dipstick mounting bracket. Fully TIG welded with precise settings to produce optimal penetration without impacting airflow. Significant drop in EGT's through better equalized airflow to all cylinders Increases fuel mileage Increased throttle response Faster turbo spool

1. Why do I need the Cross-Air?

Achieving balance air and fuel delivery extremely important to the life and power deliver of any engine at any power level. The inline Cummins engines found in the Dodge/RAM trucks are well known to run hotter in the back cylinders and those cylinders are most common to fail. The Cross-Air is by far the easiest and most cost effective way to achieve more balanced air delivery.

2. Why does this design cost so much more than the other Cross-Air setups on your website?

This design combines our 3.5” MEGA Intake System with the Cross-Air. Doing so simply combines the labor cost and materials of the two designs.

3. How does the Cross-Air work?

At the front and back of the 24v cylinder head’s plenum is an inspection port that is plugged off at the factory with the same style plug used as freeze plugs in engine coolant applications. When you remove these plugs on the cylinder head and look inside, you’ll be staring directly at the #1 and #6 intake port. Thus by routing air via parallel flow paths (the Cross-Air) to these ports you’ll help decrease pressure loss across the head by feeding your intake ports in “series” off of a poorly designed plenum. A very simple comparison is feeding live stock in a feeding trough. If you dump grain in one spot (inlet to the cylinder head where the intake manifold attaches) in the trough (plenum) the animals at either end (cylinders 1 & 6) are not going to get as much food as the ones nearest the grain source.

4. How does the Cross-Air attached to the head?

The Cross-Air come with a CNC machined billet adapter that is pressed into the inspection port just like the plug that came out.

5. Do I need to remove my cylinder head to perform the install?

No, this setup is intended to be installed while the motor is intact in the truck. Having your cylinder head off does obviously make things easier but is not necessary.

6. Will the Cross-Air worth with a stock intake manifold or aftermarket intake manifold?
Yes, it is designed to work with the factory intake manifold and any manifold designed to directly replace the stock manifold. Check out our combo deal where you can purchase a Pusher manifold and the Cross-Air.

7. Does this setup work with dual CP3’s?

That depends on the design of the bracket that holds the second CP3. Sometimes the second CP3 hangs down in front of the front port making good access to it impossible. In this case we can build a custom Cross-Air that just delivers air to the rear port which is the most critical.

8. I already have a 3.5” intake manifold, can I just by the Cross-Air portion of this kit?

Out 3.5” manifolds were designed as a package with the charge tube that connects it to the intercooler. Thus the inlet of our manifold may be in a different location than that of another manufacture’s design. We can assist you in determining whether the two will work together with a few simple measurements and pictures.

9. How long is the install procedure?

We recommend a few hours or more depending on your familiarity with your truck.

10. How much HP will this add?

That depends on how much air you’re trying to move through it. The more air you’re moving the more power there is to be gained.

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