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Goerend Flexplate, Billet Steel Chrysler 47RH - 48RE

Goerend Flexplate, Billet Steel Chrysler 47RH - 48RE

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OEM flexplates can be known to fail in applications with increased horsepower. This increased horsepower is put directly on the flexplate, straining it until failure. This Goerend flexplate is made from forged billet steel, and will allow for increased engine power to get to the ground. The Goerend flexplate was designed with the understanding that it will need to actually flex, while still being a more substantial flexplate to prevent the cracking seen in OEM versions. 

Goerend Difference:

  • Forged steel construction
  • Meets 29.3 SFI standard
  • Replaces the failure-prone stamped OEM piece

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