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Fleece Performance Engineering

Fleece GM/Allison Kodiak/TopKick Tapshifter

Fleece GM/Allison Kodiak/TopKick Tapshifter


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The Fleece Performance TapShifter allows you to shift your  Kodiak/Topkick GM Allison Transmission with the touch of a button just like the 2006 and newer trucks. Perfect for towing, daily driving and everything in-between, the TapShifter installs in no time and provides factory-like operation, functionality and styling. The TapShifter r 5 Speed Kodiak/TopKick trucks with an Allison Transmission.

The TapShifter installs using OEM high quality connectors for a completely plug and play installation in less than 30 minutes.

TapShifter Operation is very straight forward. To downshift depress the "-" button on the shifter. To upshift press the "+" button. The TapShifter will allow you to select a range with the shift lever and then tap up and down without worry of tapping to a higher range than selected. This feature is great for sled pullers who do not want to shift to 4th gear on the track!

• Easy Plug & Play Installation
• Limits Up-Shifts
• Overdrive Disable*
• Command Downshifts
• Decrease Gear Hunting


Click here for installation instructions on our Resources Page

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