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Firepunk Engineering Anteater Pro STC

Firepunk Engineering Anteater Pro STC


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The Anteater Pro is a controller for the 47-series and 48-series (618) Dodge Ram transmissions. It takes the place of a factory PCM and gives total control over the transmission's shift patterns. The main controller is contained in a weatherproof enclosure and the wiring harness exceeds OEM specifications. It also includes an in-cab wired remote with display screen that allows the end user to disable overdrive as well as choose between three separate shift tune tables. Additionally the Anteater Pro gives the end user the ability to switch to a manual mode to use either a factory 68RFE tap shifter or their own switches to control up and down shifts.

**All anteaters require 2000+ valve body electronics. The conversion kit can be purchased using this link: 2000+ Electronics

For a demonstration, instructions or help with tuning check out our YouTube video at FIREPUNK ANTEATER PRO TRANSMISSION CONTROLLER

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