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BSI T6 Turbo Blanket

BSI T6 Turbo Blanket


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One of the most important things nowadays with tight quarters in engine bays is keeping underhood temperatures down, to prevent fire hazards, as well as oil coking in your oil line if it crosses over the turbine housing, and keep as much btu's in the turbine as possible.

Our goal with these turbo blankets was to be one of the best in the Canadian market. Inside we have .250 thick high heat armor with a barrier of ceramic followed by ballistic kevlar, and lastly the outer kevlar layer. All inner edges are reinforced with a wire mesh to prevent fraying. After breaking or bending the hooks on competitors blankets over the years, we decided that won't work for us. That said we used billet stainless dowels to give you something strong to secure it with, you can use a spring or mechanics wire to tie it tight.

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