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BD 7.3L Powerstroke UpPipes Kit Ford 1999.5-2003

BD 7.3L Powerstroke UpPipes Kit Ford 1999.5-2003

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Replaces the factory exhaust up-pipes (exhaust manifold to the turbo) which are prone to leakage due to the deterioration. BD up-pipes are designed to minimize restriction to the turbo utilizing internally shielded expansion bellows .The turbo Y-adapter is made from high-silicon ductile iron. The BD up-pipes are a durable, longer-life replacement for this common problem and are perfect as an upgrade while performing other engine or transmission repairs.


  • Replaces factory exhaust feed system which is prone to leakage
  • Prevents loss of turbo drive pressure and increased EGT's
  • Crush donuts replaced with stainless steel gaskets for extended sealing life
  • Maximizes transfer of heat energy to the turbo
  • Less restrictive, internally shielded expansion bellows
  • Reduces the chance for piping burn out
  • High-silicon ductile iron Y-adapter

  • 4 Hours 30 Minutes

  • 12-Months
  • 24,000 Miles
  • Surface rust not eligible

  • Will not work on early 1999 PowerStrokes (build date 03/21/99 and earlier)
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