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Banks Power Ram-Air® Differential Cover Kit

Banks Power Ram-Air® Differential Cover Kit

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Fitment Note

Sway Bar Spacers (#19249-2) required on Ram Trucks with OEM sway bar.

Download and print out the fitment guide to check for clearance.

When using this guide for fitment, make sure that either (a) your truck's full weight is on the wheels, or (b) you lifted the truck by the diff.

When it comes to product development, we only make products that increase performance and beat the competition. So when we tested the popular Diff Covers on the market, we were shocked to find out that they actually hurt performance. This lead to the development of something so New and Incredible that our performance design has a United States Patent.

Look, when we set out to build a product for your vehicle, we only engineer the best. What else would you expect from a company with a winning legacy that spans decades. We are here to win, and we just did (AGAIN) in a huge way

  • New patented design features Ram-Air scoops for fastest cooling
    • Provides cold high velocity air, overcoming “dead air zone” behind differential
    • Scoops force air up and into massive heat radiation fins
    • Engineered to break-away if snagged on an obstacle
  • Banks cools 5X better than flat-back covers in on-road towing tests over the same road, same weather, operator and vehicle
  • Cools 118% better than flat-backs in 200hp 60mph sustained tests
  • Dry-mount high-pressure silicone O-ring seal. No messy RTV clean!
  • Internal fins transfer heat through the cover into the external fins
  • Clears spare tire heat shield, Panhard bars and other components
  • Does not sacrifice any ground clearance
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
Fluid Dynamics
  • Axle tube lubricant guides directs lube to bearings w/o overfilling
  • Cover mates flush with differential housing for smooth fluid flow
  • Ring gear raceway controls fluid flow to the pinion and bearings
  • Low fluid aeration means longer fluid life
Technical Specs
  • Weight: 11.7 lbs
  • External heat radiation fin count: 24
  • Internal heat absorption fin count: 26
  • Dimensions: 14.2 in X 13.3 in X 3.8 in
  • External heat radiation fin surface area: 533.782 in2
  • Internal heat absorption fin surface area: 119.882 in2
  • External heat radiation total surface area: 808.81 in2
  • Internal heat absorption total surface area: 215.78 in2
  • Fasteners: 14 x stainless steel M8-1.25 flange hex bolts
  • Material: A380 aluminum diecast with CNC machined surfaces
  • Internal Volume: About 4.0 Qts (Check OEM Owners Manual)
Oil service
  • Magnetic drain plug
  • Magnetic fill port plug
  • 20° angled fill port for easy access
  • No need to remove cover to change fluid
  • 1/2 in sight glass with contrast screen (visual aid) and Viton seal
  • Banks recommends Amsoil 75W-90 Severe Gear Synthetic Gear Lube
  • Fill level depends on model year: (About 4.0Qts Fill To OEM Level)
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