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S&S Fuel System Planner

S&S Fuel System Planner

A useful tool direct from S&S Diesel Motorsports to help with injector and pump sizing. The complete list covers the following...

  • Cummins 5.9L
  • Cummins 6.7L
  • Duramax LB7-LLY
  • Duramax LBZ-LMM
  • Duramax LML
  • Duramax L5P
  • PowerStroke 6.7

"S&S Diesel Motorsport is the world leader in high-performance common-rail diesel injection and vehicle controls.

Drawing on many years of OE diesel injection and engine development experience, S&S Diesel Motorsport creates innovative products for top-level competition and CARB-compliant street use.  S&S products are made with the industry’s best components, tested on the world’s best equipment, by the world’s best people.

Whether it’s in-house dyno testing, real-world high performance, or on-road durability solutions; S&S Diesel Motorsport fuel systems are on another level."

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