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Fleece New Product Review

Fleece New Product Review

Long overdue, but here we go for a first ever new product review!

We just installed the brand new Fleece Performance Engineering Auxiliary Heated Fuel Filter Kit for 2003-2018 Dodge Ram Cummins (See photo 1 & 2) part number FPE-CUMM-HFFBA-0318 in our 2016 Ram 2500. This truck was already Equipped with the Black Marker Performance version, but it doesn’t change anything for install.

First, this kit does include almost everything needed for complete install other than one 3/8" Quick Connect to -8AN Male Adapter for OEM Dodge Ram Cummins Sending Unit part number FPE-QUCON-OE-38 (See photo 7). I probably should have asked why it isn’t included, but it slipped my mind, so I’ll update when I find out.

Install is simple and straight forward, remove the factory fuel bowl and replace it with this kit. One feature we LOVED is that it comes with a bracket that mounts the kit to the shelf that lifts the filter up and out making filter changes far more accessible (See photo 3). Note: We strongly suggest you clean those bolt holes out and thread chase them so you don’t struggle with debris or rust that could be in there from over the years. The included heater is located directly inside the feed port, so every drop of fuel hits that heater before working its way through the filter & system, for those in extreme cold climates like us, this is a must (See photo 4)! There is also a water in fuel sensor in the Donaldson filter, it's nice to keep that feature and have the sensor where it rightfully belongs (See photo 5).

The only issue we ran into is due to the Titan Fuel Tank, on our truck there isn’t enough room for the quick connect especially if using the Fleece in tank pump. So instead, we didn’t bypass the rear water separator and used that same quick connect fitting to tie into the water separator under the box. Again, we had the Black Market Performance CAT filter kit with heater already installed under the box (See photo 6) but the install with a factory setup would be the same.

Overall, this is a killer top quality kit that we WILL be stocking in the coming weeks. Feel free to let us know what you think of our review...

Product link: Fleece Auxiliary Heated Fuel Filter Kit for 2003-2018 Dodge Ram Cummins FPE-CUMM-HFFBA-0318

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