ZEX Diesel Nitrous System 82028
ZEX Diesel Nitrous System 82028
ZEX Diesel Nitrous System 82028
ZEX Diesel Nitrous System 82028
ZEX Diesel Nitrous System 82028
ZEX Diesel Nitrous System 82028
ZEX Diesel Nitrous System 82028

ZEX Diesel Nitrous System 82028

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  • ◄ Diesel Nitrous System

    The ZEX™ Diesel Nitrous System adds power with no additional tuning but really comes alive when used in tandem with other diesel engine performance components, such as power programmers and high-flow exhaust systems. By more thoroughly burning the increased volume of diesel fuel entering the engine, the ZEX™ Diesel Nitrous System boosts power, reduces exhaust gas temperatures and cools the air inlet charge for any EFI diesel engine.


    • Adjustable from 35-200 HP w/ supplied tuning jets; Mild-to-wild performance

    • complete nitrous system; Includes everything for a safe & proper installation

    • Reduces turbo lag & greatly cools inlet air & exhaust temps for additional power & engine safety

    • Includes 10 lb nitrous bottle (w/ brackets), nitrous solenoid, electronic throttle activation switch & all necessary plumbing & electrical connectors

    • Easy, single afternoon installation

  • Serious racers know that optimum nitrous system performance is generated when nitrous bottle pressure is maintained between 900-1000 psi. To monitor this accurately, ZEX™ offers a liquid filled gauge option for our popular nitrous pressure gauge kit. The gauge offered in this kit is not only more accurate, but the liquid filling helps protect the gauge’s delicate internal components from severe vibration, commonly found in race cars and serious street/strip type vehicles.


    • Fits -4AN bottle fittings (standard w/ most ZEX™ kits)

    • Most accurate bottle pressure monotoring

    • Internal components are protected from the severe vibration often found in race & serious street/strip vehicles

    • Kit includes 0-1500 psi range gauge

    • Specifically designed to fit any manufacturer’s nitrous bottle

    • Comes w/ inline adapter for -4AN delivery lines

  • ZEX™ Nitrous Purge Kits ensure instant nitrous power off the line by clearing the delivery lines of unwanted vapor, putting pure liquid nitrous at the nitrous solenoid, where you need it most

  • Fits -4AN nitrous bottles (included w/ most ZEX™ Nitrous Kits)

Heating Your Bottle To Achieve 900-1000 psi is the Key to Ultimate Performance (Esp. In Cooler Temperatures)


  • Pressure controlled to safely maintain ideal nitrous pressure

  • Calibrated for specific pressure range, max HP & consistent nitrous flow for engine safety

  • Thermostatically controlled to ensure optimum bottle temperature is reached & maintained

  • Electrical components are pre-assembled & molded into heaters for ease of installation

  • Velcro straps for fast & easy installation on the bottle


  • Allows you to open the valve from the driver’s seat at a moment’s notice
  • ZEX™ design ensures that nitrous flow is not affected by its use
  • Modular motor assembly provides years of trouble free use
  • Manufactured from anodized billet aluminum

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