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Cummins 24V & 12V - Jam Nut 3/8 x 24 x .620 O.D. 12 Point

Cummins 24V & 12V - Jam Nut 3/8 x 24 x .620 O.D. 12 Point

Manton Pushrods
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Rockerarm Adjusting Screws


Our rockerarm screws are made of H-13 tool steel that is heat treated triple tempered and nitrided for wear resistance. This combination of materials and heat treat procedures makes the most durable and reliable screws available anywhere. All screws are manufactured with rolled threads and broached to accept an allen wrench. The screws are available with or without oil holes for pre-lube and oil grooves for pressure feed oiling. Manton makes custom screws on request, minimum quantities may apply. Depending on the style of screw and the application proper instillation instructions will vary from one style screw to the next. Pressure fed adjusting screws need the oil band positioned properly so oil can flow around the oil band and into the side oil hole of the screw.


Rockerarm adjusting screws that are not pressure fed that have a ball on them are usually positioned with 2 to 3 threads sticking out the bottom of the rocker. Adjusting screws with a cup on them are usually backed up into the rockerarm all the way first then screwed 1 to 1 1/2 turns out. These instructions may vary a little from one application to the next so it may be a good idea to call us or the rockerarm manufacturer for more specific details.

Pre-lubrication of these screws before use is very important. It is recommended that a high zinc content assembly lube oil be used to prevent galling on the initial start up. Do not use anti seize of any kind on pushrod tips and adjusting screws. Anti seize contains soft metal particles that turn into and abrasive at high temperature and doesn’t allow the engine oil to coat the friction points properly.

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