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Goerend 48RE GT3 High Horsepower Master Rebuild Kit

Goerend 48RE GT3 High Horsepower Master Rebuild Kit

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The Goerend 48RE GT3 high horsepower master rebuild kit includes all the parts needed to update and rebuild a working transmission. This kit includes a billet 4-seal front servo piston kit, billet front band, rear servo apply rod, billet rear/forward clutch apply piston, low reverse and front planetary thrust washers not included in the GT2 kit. We use the best OE parts, performance aftermarket parts and build our own parts in all Goerend rebuild kits.

  • 48RE Clutch Kit (D48GT3 CLUTCH KIT)
  • Gaskets, Seals & Sealing Ring Kit (D-48 P/R KIT)
  • ATSG Book (D-ATSG)
  • Billet 4.2 Front Band Apply Lever, Strap, & Anchor (D73-LSA 4.2 KIT)
  • Billet 4-Ring Accumulator Piston (D72-417 G)
  • Complete Bushing Kit (D-Bushing KIT)
  • OE Filter (D70-386 LATE)
  • Billet 4-Seal Front Servo Piston Kit (D98-G KIT)
  • Billet Front Servo Cover with O-Ring (D99-33 SONNAX 22827-01)
  • Heavy Bellville Spring Kit (D121-109 G KIT)
  • OE Front Clutch Wave Snap Ring (D112-91)
  • Overdrive Direct Wave Snap Ring (D167-212)
  • Overdrive Repair Shim (D193-REPAIR SHIM)
  • 15° Overdrive Sun Gear (D167-222)
  • Complete Overdrive Bearing Kit (D-OD FULL BEARING KIT)
  • Raybestos Billet Front Band (D78-73 B)
  • Sonnax Billet Rear Servo Piston (D92-53 SONNAX 22912C)
  • Sonnax Rear Servo Apply Rod (D92-51 SONNAX 22912-01K)
  • Complete Thrust Washer Kit (D-48 T WASHER KIT)
  • Front Planetary Thrust Washer (D133-153 48 SONNAX 22700FT-01)
  • Low Reverse Planetary Thrust Washers (2) (D133-162/4 48 SONNAX 22700GT-01)
  • Goerend Billet Rear/Forward Clutch Apply Piston (D121-107 G .780)
  • Goerend Billet Front/Direct Clutch Apply Piston (D112-84 G)

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