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Goerend 47RE GT1 Basic Rebuild Kit (1996-2002)

Goerend 47RE GT1 Basic Rebuild Kit (1996-2002)


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The Goerend 47RE GT1 basic rebuild kit includes all the parts needed to update and rebuild a working transmission. We use the best OE parts, performance aftermarket parts and build our own parts in all Goerend rebuild kits. This kit is intended for a professional transmission technician who has proper equipment to clean, inspect, test, and rebuild a transmission. Goerend Transmission is not a technical or training service. Customers of this kit are expected to have access to and be proficient with necessary equipment such as scan tools and pressure gauges. This kit does not include every part that may need replacement.

  • 47RE Clutch Kit
  • Goerend Billet Front/Direct Clutch Apply Piston
  • Gaskets, Seals & Sealing Ring Kit
  • Raybestos or Borg Warner Front Band (as available)
  • 3.8 Front Band Apply Lever, Strap, & Anchor
  • Billet 4-Ring Accumulator Piston
  • Filter
  • Sonnax Billet Front Servo Cover
  • Sonnax Billet Rear Servo Piston
  • Goerend Heavy Rear Clutch Bellville Spring
  • OE Front Clutch Wave Snap Ring
  • OE Overdrive Brake Wave Snap Ring
  • Overdrive Direct Wave Snap Ring
  • ATSG Book
  • Flex Plate Stiffener with Installation Instructions
  • OD Repair Shim

Make certain your truck is compatible with the parts included in this kit. We design our parts to be compatible with OE specifications. Goerend Transmission is not responsible for damage caused to our parts due to improper installation or other defective, worn, or broken parts.

47RE Clutch Kit includes:

  • Fibers (5)
  • Steels (6)
  • Fiber-Course Splines (4)
  • Steels (3)
  • Waved Clutches (5)
  • Steels (5)
  • OD Backing Plate
  • Fibers (10)
  • Steels (9)
  • Front Clutch
  • Rear/Forward Clutch
  • Overdrive Brake Clutch
  • Overdrive Direct Clutch






1996 - 2002



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