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Goerend 47/48RE Triple Disc Torque Converter
Goerend 47/48RE Triple Disc Torque Converter
Goerend 47/48RE Triple Disc Torque Converter

Goerend 47/48RE Triple Disc Torque Converter

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  • Designed & Manufactured In-House
  • Tig Welded, Furnace Brazed & Silicon Bronze Reinforced Turbine
  • Proprietary Alto High Performance Multi-Disc Lockup Clutches
  • K-Factor & Torque Ratio Tested On In-House Dynamometer
  • Three-Year Limited Infinite Mileage Warranty
  • Below 0.005 Blueprinted Runout Tolerances
  • Dual Torrington Bearing Stator Design
  • Multi-Bolt Pattern Billet Front Cover
  • Blueprinted Internal Clearances
  • Fully Pressurized & Leak Tested
  • Patented Fluid Flow Deflector
  • Computerized Robotic Welding
  • Billet Lockup Assembly Piston
  • 4140 Hardened Turbine Hub
  • 4140 Flanged Impeller Hub
  • Accurately Designed Pilot
  • Computerized Balancing
  • Lugged Stator Races
  • Billet Bearing Cap]




The most versatile converter offered. It is loose enough to spool most turbos, in most elevations and climates, while maximizing low end grunt and keeping the torque converter tight enough when the turbo lights and horsepower is being made. This converter should go in trucks that TOW and WORK HARD.  Approximately 200-400 RPM lower than a stock converter. 

This converter works well with:
Stock turbos from 0-11,000 foot elevation
2nd generation dodges (0-4,000 foot elevation) with stock to 58mm turbos
3rd generation dodges (0-4,000 foot elevation) with stock to 62mm turbos 


Used for light to heavy towing. This converter stall is equivalent to a stock converter stall. 

This converter works well with:
2nd generation dodges with 60-62mm turbos at 0-4,000 foot elevation   
3rd generation dodges with 63-71mm turbos   
0-4,000 foot elevation with 67-71mm turbos   
0-11,000 foot elevation on 63-66mm turbos


This converter will be approximately 300 RPM looser than stock. It is a higher stall to help get large turbos spooled. This stall is not recommended for towing. 

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