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Firepunk Engineering Porcupine 48 Conversion

Firepunk Engineering Porcupine 48 Conversion

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We are so happy to release the newest Smartbox to allow you to easily swap from a 68RFE to a 48re. The Porcupine has a simple plug and play design that plugs right into the 68RFE transmission plug and the 48RE Neutral safety on the transmission. Then you will just need to run the two wires to power and ground. This allows for remote start, reverse camera, 4-lo and PRND to still function like it was done at the factory. When used in conjuction with our Anteater STC the truck will work just like a factory transmission allowing you to just drop it in drive and work like it was installed at the factory. 

This will require EFILive Automatic Tuning to allow all of the functions and full fueling. 

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