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BDP Beans Diesel Performance Bolt On Tie Rod Sleeves for 01-10 Chevrolet

BDP Beans Diesel Performance Bolt On Tie Rod Sleeves for 01-10 Chevrolet

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Bean Machine

The tie rods on Chevrolet Duramax trucks have always been an issue. The size of the rod is only .5 inches in diameter and with the geometry of the independent suspension the stock tie rods are very prone to catastrophic failure. Any kind of power put to the front suspension while in 4WD will stress the tie rods and very often cause them to buckle. When this happens you will, at a minimum, be paying a tow truck to get your truck home with the front end in the air. We have seen entire spindles break off destroying everything from the CV axles out. 

An easy way to remedy this is to install aftermarket tie rod sleeves. While installing other company's sleeves is not a big job, it requires the removal of the outer tie rod in order to thread the sleeve onto the inner rod. If not done correctly, the re-installed tie rod can cause the front end to be out of alignment causing premature tire wear and steering issues. To do the job properly, a trip to the alignment shop is needed which adds to the cost of the sleeves you just bought. 

To remedy these problems, Beans Diesel Bean Machine has come up with the ingenious idea to use a clam shell design that bolts on without the need to remove the outer tie rod! These sleeves can be installed in literally 5 minutes and prevent thousands of dollars in repairs. 


Note: These are for stock tie rods on Chevrolet trucks from 01-10. The 2011 and up models came with a larger diameter tie rod so these will NOT fit those models. 


Made in Tennessee, USA



-Super Fast Install
-No Re-alignment Issues
-Made from super strong billet aircraft grade aluminum
-14 Stainless Steel Bolts for unbreakable strength
-Awesome beefy look of machined billet 
-Available in Aluminum and Red anodized colors



-Tie Rod Sleeves W/ Bolts

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