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Adrenaline R5 20W-50 5 GALLON

Adrenaline R5 20W-50 5 GALLON

Hot Shot's Secret
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R Series



 Infused with FR3 Nano Lubricant Technology

The formulas are 100% pure synthetic using only Group IV base oils. This blend of poly-α-olefin (PAO) and polyolester (POE) oils requires a very small amount of viscosity improvers to meet the weight specifications. The infusion of our patented FR3 Nano-Technology and high zinc additive package extends the performance and anti-wear protection to levels unmatched by any other high zinc oil on the market. The result is a racing engine oil that has increased oxidation and thermal stability, deposit and sludge prevention, reduced oil breakdown, longer drain intervals, high wear resistance and horsepower gains.

Hot Shot racing oil has been tested and validated in Indy Cars, GTP lights, SCCA Endurance Cars, Pro Stock, Pro Modified Drag Cars and High Performance Marine Engines

For off-road use only. Racing engine oil is not intended for vehicles with DPF, catalytic converters, EGR or other emission equipment as damage to these systems could occur.

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